A variety selected in El Salvador, and known for excellent cup quality in the highest altitudes.



information Year of First Production Year Four
information Nutrition Requirement Medium
information Ripening of Fruit Early
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn Average
information Planting Density 3000-4000 (using single stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information


information Lineage A selection of the Bourbon variety
information Genetic Description Bourbon-Typica Group (Bourbon-related)

A selection of the Bourbon variety made by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) beginning in the 1949 and released in 1977. The selection process for Tekisic was called "mass selection," meaning that a group of individuals are selected based on their superior performance, seed from these plants is bulked to form a new generation, and then the process is repeated. Breeders achieved a variety that ripens early, has very good quality potential on optimal conditions, and has higher production than unselected Bourbons between 900 and 1500 meters. Unfortunately, the variety is not resistant to major diseases including coffee leaf rust.

The name Tekisic comes from tekiti, a word meaning “work” in the Nahuatl language, and ISIC. It was indeed a lot of work to create the variety—the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) spent nearly 30 years performing selections to create it, beginning in the 1949 and culminating with its release in 1977. It is widespread in El Salvador, where Tekisic and unselected Bourbon make up nearly 70% of coffee production. It is also economically important in Guatemala.

Since Tekisic is merely a selection of the Bourbon variety, the story of Tekisic is really the story of Bourbon—one of the most culturally and genetically important C. Arabica coffees in the world. For more, see Bourbon. Latin America breeders such as those at ISIC have exploited the narrow genetic base of Bourbon to create new cultivars that have improved performance in various traits—yield, quality, etc.


information Breeder Instituto Salvadoreño de Investigaciones del Café (ISIC)

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