A high-yielding tall variety with drought and cold tolerance. Found mostly in Kenya and Uganda.



information Year of First Production Year Three
information Nutrition Requirement Low
information Ripening of Fruit Unknown
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn Average
information Planting Density 1000-2000 a/ha (using multiple-stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information

Drought and cold tolerant.


information Lineage Typica-like genetic background.
information Genetic Description Bourbon-Typica Group (Typica-related)

SL14 was originally selected in Kenya the late 1930s at the Scott Agricultural Laboratories (for more on Scott Labs, see SL28). Individual tree selections made at the Scott Laboratories in Kenya during the 1935-1939 period were prefixed “SL.” SL14 was selected in 1936 from a single tree labeled Drought Resistant II (D.R. II), and drought tolerance is a noted characteristic of SL14. Historical records documenting the origin of D.R. II were lost, but the seedlings were established at Kabete in 1933, and then widely distributed in areas east of the Rift Valley in Kenya.

Recent genetic tests have confirmed that SL14 is related to the Typica genetic group. It is economically important in both Kenya and Uganda.


information Breeder Scott Agricultural Laboratories