High yielding tall variety resistant to rust and coffee berry disease recently released in Rwanda.



information Year of First Production Year Two
information Nutrition Requirement High
information Ripening of Fruit Unknown
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn Average
information Planting Density 2000-3000 a/ha (using multiple-stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information



information Lineage A selection of the Indian variety Sln.6 (Kent x C. robusta). A population composite variety.
information Genetic Description Introgressed (Other)

RAB C15 was released by the Rwandan Agricultural Board in 2015. It a selection of Sln.6, a population created by Indian coffee breeders at Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI) and distributed to Indian farmers in the 1970s, and which was shared with four African countries (Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda) in 2010. Sln.6 originated from an interspecific cross between the C. arabica variety Kent and the C. canephora clone S.274 and then backcrossed to Kent.


information Breeder Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)

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