A tall variety that combines high yields, tolerance to coffee leaf rust, resistance to coffee berry disease, and good cup quality.



information Year of First Production Year Two
information Nutrition Requirement Medium
information Ripening of Fruit Unknown
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn High
information Planting Density 2000-3000 a/ha (using multiple-stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information

Well-adapted for smallholders because of its rare combination of being a tall variety with disease resistance and resillience (e.g., can cope with low management and adverse environmental conditions).


information Lineage Composite variety containing parentage from: SL28, SL34, Rume Sudan, N39, K7, SL4 and the Timor Hybrid.
information Genetic Description Introgressed (Other)

A variety resistant to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease created at the Coffee Research Station (CRS; now the Coffee Research Institute, CRI) in Ruiru, Kenya. Batian was released in Kenya in 2010.

Batian was created via single-tree selections from fifth filial (F5) generations from the male parent of some Ruiru 11 progenies. Batian is a composite variety, mixing three different pure line varieties. The varieties involved in the original crosses are: SL28, SL34, Rume Sudan, N39, K7, SL4 and the Timor Hybrid.


information Breeder Coffee Research Foundation (now Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, KALRO)

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