High yielding with tolerance to drought, coffee leaf rust, and coffee berry disease. Adapted to a wide range of ecosystems. Found mostly in Rwanda.



information Year of First Production Year Two
information Nutrition Requirement High
information Ripening of Fruit Unknown
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn Average
information Planting Density 2000-3000 a/ha (using multiple-stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information

Drought tolerant. Significantly prone to die back.


information Lineage A selection of BMJ (Blue Mountain Jamaica) in Rwanda, related to but distinct from Typica.
information Genetic Description Bourbon-Typica Group (Typica-related)

This population was selected from trees surveyed in 1972 in the plantation of M. Némery in Cyangugu (formerly Shangugu, a city in Western Rwanda). This plantation was supposedly planted in the Blue Mountain variety, called BMJ locally in Rwanda. BMJ was introduced to East Africa from Jamaica in 1894 via Nyasaland (now Malawi), from whence it spread across East Africa. The only variety known to be grown in Jamaica during the time when BMJ was introduced was Typica. It is therefore believed that BMJ—and hence Pop3303/21—is related to Typica. Pop3303/21 was released for commercial production in Rwanda by the Rwanda Agriculture Board in 2003.


information Breeder Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)

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