Early production and high yielding plant resistant to coffee leaf rust. Well-adapted to low and medium altitudes. Found primarily in Puerto Rico.



information Year of First Production Year Two
information Nutrition Requirement High
information Ripening of Fruit Average
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn High
information Planting Density 3000-4000 (using single stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information

Variety not homogeneous; presents a non-specified amount of segregation in the field. Susceptible to coffee leaf miner.


information Lineage Timor Hybrid x Caturra 
information Genetic Description Introgressed (Catimor)

A cross between Timor Hybrid and Caturra introduced to Puerto Rico from the Instituto Agronomico de Campinas (IAC) in Brazil. Selection made by the Estación Experimental Agrícola en Adjuntas in Puerto Rico.

For more background on the history of the Catimor group of coffees, see T8667.


information Breeder None.