Very high yielding variety, with rust resistance and good quality at elevations above 1300 meters. Variety not uniform.



information Year of First Production Year Two
information Nutrition Requirement High
information Ripening of Fruit Late
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn High
information Planting Density 4000-5000 a/ha (using single-stem pruning)
Additional Agronomic Information

Anacafe 14 is drought tolerant. Anacafe 14 is not uniform; plants are not stable from one generation to the next.


information Lineage (Timor Hybrid 832/1 x Caturra) x Pacamara
information Genetic Description Introgressed (Catimor)

Anacafe 14 is supposed to have originated from a natural cross between a Catimor variety (Timor Hybrid 832/1 x Caturra) with Pacamara around 1980, in the Department of Chiquimula, Guatemala. It was discovered by farmer Francisco Manchamé. After several cycles of mass selection, in which a group of individual plants are selected based on their superior performance, and then seed from these plants is bulked to form a new generation. and genealogical selection by the National Coffee Association of Guatemala (ANACAFÉ), it was released as a commercial variety in 2014.

For more background on the history of the Catimor group of coffees, see T8667.


information Breeder National Coffee Association of Guatemala (ANACAFÉ)