A Robusta variety used for rootstock grafting because of its high resistance to nematodes. Arabica plants (any variety) can be grafted onto Nemaya roostock to make the plant resistant to nematodes. Grafting Arabica onto Robusta rootstock has no effect on cup quality.



information Year of First Production Not Applicable
information Nutrition Requirement Not Applicable
information Ripening of Fruit Not Applicable
information Cherry-to-Green-Bean Outturn Not Applicable
information Planting Density Not Applicable
Additional Agronomic Information

Propagation by seeds produced in authorized fields. Nematodes: Tolerant to Pratylenchus spp. and resistant to Meloidogyne exigua, M. arenaria, and M. paranaensis.


information Lineage C. canephora T3561 x C. canephora T3751
information Genetic Description Unknown


information Breeder PROMECAFE-CIRAD-CATIE