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Coffee varieties catalog

A global catalog of Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties from around the world

Arabica Coffee

From it's native home in Ethiopia, Arabica coffee began spreading around the world in the mid-1700s. Historically, most coffees were descendant from Typica and Bourbon. In the mid-20th century, breeders began introducing "introgressed" varieties resistant to coffee leaf rust. More recently, genetically diverse F1 hybrids have been introduced.

Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee originated in the forests of western sub-Saharan Africa. Its broad genetic diversity has enabled the species to thrive in a wide range of environments. Commercial cultivation began around 1870 in Congo; production expanded rapidly starting around 1950, mostly concentrated in Brazil and Vietnam. As a cultivated crop, Robusta is relatively young and both farmers and breeders are just beginning to explore its rich diversity and potential.

C. arabica (Arabica) C. canephora (Robusta) Catuai Caturra Mundo Novo Maragogype Pacamara Typica Pache SL34 SL14 Nyasaland Mibirizi Pop3303/21 Harrar Rwanda Bourbon E531 Naryelis Batian ET41 Casiopea H3 Timor Hybrid Kent French Mission Jackson K7 Jackson 2/1257 KP423 SL28 Tekisik Pacas Venecia Vila Sarchi T5296 Milenio Ruiru 11 Obata Rojo Marsellesa IAPAR 59 Limani Bourbon Mayaguez 139 Bourbon Mayaguez 71 Mundo Maya INIFAP 97-14 INIFAP 95-9 INIFAP 00-28 BP 534 (Clone) SA 237 Sln.2R Xanh lun TR4 TR9 TR11 TRS1 BRS 2299 BRS 2336 BRS 2357 BRS 3137 BRS 3193 BRS 3210 BRS 3213 BRS 3220 INIFAP 97-15 INIFAP 00-24 KR-5 BP 936 BP 939 BRS 1216 BRS 2314 SA 164-11 BP42 SA 1366 Robusta 1675 Encapa 03 Robusta 640 Parainema Cuscatleco C. congensis Sln.1R RAB C15 Arabusta Sln.3R Evaluna Nayarita Starmaya Oro Azteca Costa Rica 95 Catisic Lempira Fronton T5175 T8667 IHCAFE 90 Catimor 129 Centroamericano Roubi 1 Roubi 7 Roubi 8 Roubi 6 Roubi 5 Roubi 4 Roubi 2 Roubi 9 Roubi 10 C. eugeniodes KR-4 KR-3 KR-2 KR-1 Ancafe 14 Java Rume Sudan ET06 ET01 ET26 Wild Ethiopian/Sudanese mutant Geisha BRS 3220 BRS 3220 BRS 3220 BRS 3220 BRS 3220 KR-6 KR-7 KR-8 KR-9 KR-10 G U I N E A C O N G O X G U I N E A U G A N D A S A R C H I M O R B O U R B O N T Y P I C A R O B U S T A I N T R O D G R E S S E D W / C O N G E N S I S E T H I O P I A N L A N D R A C E C O N G O F 1 H Y B R I D C A T I M O R G R O U P B O U R B O N T Y P I C A G R O U P

World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research is a 501 (c)(5) non-profit, collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry to grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.

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