Why become WCR Verified℠?

Becoming a WCR Verified℠ nursery or seed producer brings big benefits. Our standard for healthy, genetically pure coffee plants is the first in coffee and tied to rigorous, science-based evaluations.

By implementing WCR Verified℠ technical protocols, producers both on the seed farm and at the nursery will be able to maintain efficient management systems to ensure that their production has robust traceability and genetic purity. Through independent third party audits by NSF International, the producer can ensure critical points are being addressed and promote a culture of continuous improvement. The process is complemented with DNA analysis and traceability audits to ensure that genetic purity is maintained.

  • Nurseries and seed producers that pursue WCR Verified℠ certification have competitive market advantages in selling their plants to coffee producers, renovation programs, and other buyers.
  • The online registry of certified nurseries gives your company global visibility.
  • Most importantly, the improved quality of your plants will ensure lower risk of plant losses in your business and for the coffee farmers you sell to—better, smarter business.

Online Registry of Certified Producers

Once certification is complete, certified nurseries and seed producers are posted on the WCR Verified℠ website, available at varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/info/verified/nurseries.

The listing includes your company’s name, website, phone number, map location, the varieties for which you are certified, your assigned membership number, certificate status, and the date on which your certification expires.

Using the WCR Verified℠ Mark

Certified producers are able to use the WCR Verified℠ mark in the marketing of seeds or plants that have been certified to comply with the WCR Verified℠ Protocol as listed at https://varieties.worldcoffeeresearch.org/info/verified. The mark can also be displayed on websites in reference to their certification status, and in in signage in the certified business location. However, since nurseries and seed producers may be selling both Verified and non-Verified varieties at the same time, the WCR Verified℠mark must always appear in conjunction with clear signage indicating for which varieties the producer has been certified.

The mark cannot be used by non-Members and cannot be applied to the sale of seeds or plants whose production processes have not been certified. It cannot be displayed or marketed in conjunction with other goods or services and may not be modified.