Who Can Become Verified?

The WCR Verified℠ Certification Program certifies both coffee nurseries and the seed or in-vitro production facilities that supply nurseries. Any business engaged in the commercial propagation and multiplication of coffee plants—seed supplier, seed garden, nursery, or in vitro multiplication facility can apply.

Producers that successfully demonstrate sufficient compliance level as a result of the independent audit showing that they adhere to the four pillars of the WCR Verified℠ Certification Program, will be awarded a certification status based on a graded compliance of Gold, Silver and Bronze. The certification is specific to the variety and the producer business entity. An important requisite of the program is that nurseries selling WCR Verified℠ varieties must acquire the varieties from WCR Verified℠ seed or in-vitro suppliers.

A WCR Verified℠ nursery makes variety information available to farmers, follows best practices for plant health, and has established traceable sourcing of seeds to a WCR Verified℠ seed producer, which follows best practices for plant health, respects breeders’ rights, and has been checked for mother plant genetic purity using DNA fingerprinting.