Does seed certification matter?

For most major crops in the world, seed certification programs ensure that when farmers purchase seeds or seedlings, they are receiving healthy plants—well-nourished, undamaged, and free of diseases and pests—that will thrive when they are planted on the farm. These certification programs also provide assurance that the farmer is indeed receiving the correct variety, a genetically pure plant that will perform as expected. Until now, coffee has not had the kind of global, independent, science-based system of assurance that other crops benefit from.

The entire coffee supply chain has shared economic interest in expanding access to healthy coffee plants, and providing coffee farmers with better tools for making the right choice about what to plant on their farm.

What does “certified” mean?

The WCR Verified℠ is an independent program based on ISO 17065 principles which follows the “four eyes” concept—that four eyes are better than two, to certify the production process of the origin, authenticity, and health of coffee seeds, in-vitro material and plants.

A farmer shows the leaf of a coffee plant he believed to be resistant to coffee leaf rust, but clearly showing signs of a major infection. The WCR Verified program ensures that farmers can trust the genetic purity and identity of plants they purchase.)