The benefits of WCR Verified:

Becoming a WCR Verified nursery or seed/in-vitro producer brings big benefits. Our standard for healthy, genetically pure coffee plants is the first in coffee and tied to rigorous, science-based evaluations.

To Seed Producers and Nurseries

  • Competitive market advantages in selling plants to coffee producers, renovation programs, and other buyers, with the ability to show certification outcomes, and promote sales through business listing on the WCR Verified℠ website
  • Higher quality coffee plants, ensuring lower risk of plant losses in your business and for the coffee farmers you sell to—better, smarter business
  • Adopt efficient management systems to ensure your production has robust traceability and genetic purity (DNA analysis and traceability mass balance audits to ensure that genetic purity is maintained); ensure critical points are being addressed and promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Improved agricultural practices and growing methods through compliance to agricultural standards and knowledge leading to improved production quality
  • Use the coffee catalog to determine which varieties to produce for each region and inform farmers about suitable varieties for their operations

To Coffee Farmers

  • Risk reduction through assurance that farmers receive the coffee seeds or plants of known origin and authenticity from certified nurseries
  • Increased profitability of coffee growing through planting material grown in accordance with the high quality standards of WCR Verified℠
  • Purchase the correct variety from certified nurseries according to the WCR Coffee Catalog for farmers growing conditions and market buyers

To Coffee Traders and Buyers

  • Greater assurances in the coffee market supply chain stability, quality and sustainability with coffee that can be traced back to WCR Verified℠ seed producers and nurseries
  • Greater assurances that corporate or donor funds allocated to farmer support or replanting programs are getting verifiable and traceable planting material that is also the correct variety for the targeted growing regions
  • Increased dialog with farmers about production quality and varieties required to meet market quality standards and demand

To Coffee Industry

  • Independent third-party audits provide customers, investors and stakeholder assurance in the management, productivity and economic future of coffee farmers and coffee production concerns
  • WCR Verified℠ creates greater trust and transparency in coffee variety supply chains, ensuring brand protection
  • WCR Verified℠ enables supply chain consistency and dissemination of knowledge, ensuring local farmers have access to the most appropriate varieties to replant