Finding the right type of coffee is a critical first step. But it is also crucial to make sure that when a producer is buying seeds or seedlings, they are getting what they paid for: a healthy plant that is the correct type. A plant that isn’t healthy is not a good plant. Some plants can look healthy at a young age, but have hidden problems, like bent roots, that prevent the buyer from achieving economic success with it.

Nurseries that offer WCR Verified seedlings provide quality assurance for coffee seed and seedling buyers. WCR Verified is the first such independent program for the coffee agricultural sector. Verification audits are conducted according to a strict protocol developed and validated with third-party certification and standards expert, NSF, together with coffee genetics and agronomy experts from World Coffee Research. Nurseries are Verified for a period of two years, after which time they may see re-Verification.

The WCR Verified Program: How it Works

In order to ensure that producers have access to genetically pure, disease-free, vigorous seeds and plants that conform to the variety standard, WCR began a program of seed and nursery verification in 2016. Through the program, WCR verifies the health and genetic purity of seed lots at participating nurseries. World Coffee Research Verified nurseries are evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Good nursery practices are followed to ensure healthy plants
  • Nursery is aware of the different agronomic performance of different coffees and this information is made available to farmers, e.g., through a coffee catalog like this one, so that they can make informed choices
  • Verified seedlings or seeds are genetically pure and conform to the variety standard as checked through WCR’s DNA fingerprinting technology
  • Breeders (if there are any) of the coffee can be named and their rights (if any) are respected

Become a Verified Nursery

If you operate a nursery and would like to sell WCR Verified planting material, please contact us at