This catalog aims to present information for coffee producers and anyone working with coffee plants about how different varieties can be expected to perform under ideal conditions.

Of course, coffee is not always grown under ideal conditions. Factors such as environment, altitude, soil nutrition, weather, the age of the tree, and farm management practices can significantly affect a coffee tree’s yield, quality, and health.

Because of this, it is impossible to give absolute data about certain aspects of a variety’s performance (for example, cup quality or yield). In those cases, we provide a a common variety (Caturra in Central America, SL28 in Africa) as a reference in the description of relevant variables. If a farmer knows how Caturra or SL28 would perform on their farm, given their particular climate, soil, and farm practices, they should be able to measure the relative performance of other varieties against that knowledge.

The intention of this catalog is that those working with coffee should be able to make informed decisions about which variety will work best for their situation and needs.