A special thanks to our partners

This catalog was developed in consultation with coffee experts from across Central America and Africa, with funding from USAID and UTZ. It is the result of visits to 16 countries and interviews of nearly 180 people from some over 100 private and public bodies involved in national or regional coffee sectors in Central America, the Carribean, and Africa.

  • Costa Rica
    Instituto del Café de Costa Rica (ICAFÉ)

  • El Salvador
    Fundación Salvadoreña para Investigaciones en Café (PROCAFÉ)
    Consejo Salvadoreño de Cafe

  • Guatemala
    Asociación Nacional del Café (ANACAFÉ)

  • Honduras
    Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFÉ)

  • Jamaica
    Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA)

  • Kenya
    Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KALRO)

  • Malawi
    Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS)

  • Nicaragua
    Instituto Nicaragüense de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)

  • Panama
    Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuarío (MIDA)

  • República Dominicana
    Consejo Dominicano del Café (CODOCAFÉ)

  • Perú
    Junta Nacional de Café (JNC)

  • Rwanda
    Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB)

  • Uganda
    National Coffee Research Institude (NaCORI)

  • Zimbabwe
    Coffee Research Institute